20 Best Squarespace Lifestyle Templates 2024

Check out these terrific Squarespace lifestyle templates to spice up your blog or website like a champ.

I’ve been diving into the world of Squarespace templates, and let me tell you, there are some really stunning options out there that can make your site look professional and chic with almost no effort.

Whether you’re showcasing your latest travel adventures, sharing your fitness journey, or offering tips on home decor, outfits, etc., the right template can make your content pop.

I’ve rounded up the best options, perfect for any lifestyle enthusiast looking to create an engaging, visually appealing site.

These picks are gorgeous and super easy to use and customize.

Ready to find your perfect match? Let’s go!

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Best Squarespace Lifestyle Templates

Do you want to transform your website with a fresh, stylish look?

Take a peek at my curated list of the best Squarespace lifestyle templates that blend functionality with eye-catching design.

1. Almar

almar squarespace consultant template

Almar is a stunning Squarespace template with a large background hero image, overlayed text, and a link. The header is transparent and has menu, login, and CTA button links, keeping it clean.

What’s cool about Almar is its lively design, yet it still features some dark, contrasting sections and elements that make the browsing experience more engaging.

It also rocks a newsletter subscription form, minimal footer, blog section, online appointment system, and more.

More info / Download

2. Paloma


Paloma is a Squarespace lifestyle template that creates a strong and lasting first impression with its full-screen above-the-fold section.

It’s an ideal solution for lifestyle podcasters (see more Squarespace podcast templates) and bloggers, but this design also allows you to go super niche.

Note: Check out these epic lifestyle blog designs to boost your inspiration.

The header and footer are simple with the essential to maintain the simplistic look. What’s more, you get predefined pages for About, Episodes, Blog and Contact, with the latter featuring only contact details, no contact form.

What’s unique about Paloma is the donation system it rocks by default – feel free to take it to your full advantage.

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3. Myhra


Myhra is a versatile Squarespace template for lifestyle, nutrition, coaching, and more.

It sports a soothing green design that creates a calming atmosphere for your visitors’ viewing pleasure. However, the other internal pages mix color schemes, making Myhra very dynamic.

Myhra has both a functional contact form and an online booking system, so you can offer others to make an appointment directly through your site. This makes running your lifestyle business much more organized.

Last but not least, Myhra includes a special Recipes page so that you can share your delicious dishes and meals with the whole world.

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4. Hart

hart squarespace minimalist template

Hart is a Squarespace template with a black design that immediately creates a striking effect. Not only that, but instead of an image in the hero section, Hart has large text, which isn’t something you see many templates use.

There’s also plenty of white (or, should I say, dark) space to ensure epic readability, combining visual and text content strategically.

Another practical feature is the floating header, which keeps all the menu links and social media icons always available. (No more scrolling back to the top.)

There’s more.

Hart has a special page for Lookbook, Blog and Contact – with a form – for your convenience.

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5. Zion

zion squarespace lifestyle template

Zion’s specialty is the full-screen above-the-fold-only sectioned home page. But it doesn’t stop here.

The background image also has overlayed text, which changes the background according to the category when you hover over it.

In short, if you are a lifestyle photographer (see more Squarespace photographer templates), Zion is an excellent choice to put an extra shine on your work with a creative and modern online portfolio.

And because of the ready-to-use About and Contact pages, you’ll need to spend little time to create a solid online presence.

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6. Stanton

stanton squarespace lifestyle template

Stanton is super sleek and modern, perfect for making your lifestyle site look professional.

The hero section is cool, with a big image on the left and text on the right – it grabs your attention right away.

The post grid layout on the home page is beautifully organized, making everything easy to find. Plus, the header, base, and footer have matching background colors, keeping the look unified.

There’s even a newsletter section and an online shop to boost your game.

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7. Matsuya


Matsuya is a Squarespace template for lifestyle photographers. The home page immediately sparks interest with a four-column portfolio grid and lightbox, giving you a better single-project viewing experience.

The overall design is minimalist, with a simple header and footer featuring only the essentials.

While all the internal pages maintain the same neat look, the contact page rocks a full-screen image background with overlayed text and a clickable email address.

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8. Brower

brower squarespace writer template

Brower is a Squarespace template that emphasizes smooth, intuitive navigation. The header smartly hides when you scroll down and pops back up when you scroll up – super handy for improving user experience.

It features a three-column post grid on the home page that makes your content look extra organized.

Furthermore, it comes with ready-to-use About and Contact pages, making setup a breeze.

Also, the matching background for the header, base, and footer gives it a cohesive look. And don’t forget the social icons in the navigation bar – making connections a piece of cake.

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9. Noll

noll squarespace lifestyle template

Noll is a bubbly Squarespace template that works perfectly for nutritionists and you can quickly alter it to your specific lifestyle offerings.

The default color scheme rocks in combination with cool typography and all the catchy detailing that will WOW all your visitors and turn them on your side. But remember, you can also adjust, brand and personalize the look however you want.

I also like Noll’s one-page website style, which features all the must-haves, including a contact form, on the home page.

If you need a template that doesn’t follow the traditional look, Noll is your best bet.

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10. Rivoli

rivoli squarespace lifestyle template

Rivoli is a clean and modern Squarespace lifestyle template with a transparent header that keeps your menu, logo, and social icons in order.

The two large thumbnails at the top are perfect for featuring your latest or most-read posts. Its homepage lets you categorize posts, making it easy for visitors to find what they’re interested in.

Additionally, the minimalist footer keeps things simple, and the bold, straightforward About page really makes a statement about who you are.

Rivoli is stylish and functional.

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11. Irving

irving squarespace lifestyle template

Irving is a Squarespace template for lifestyle and fitness enthusiasts. Its pleasant light and dark contrast makes the browsing experience more exciting.

The basic header has menu links and a CTA button, which can significantly improve conversions. On the other hand, the dark footer rocks social media icons, business details, open houses and another CTA button.

There are pages for About, Classes and Contact, all set and ready for you to put into practice.

You can also push your classes online with a great presentation page and a complete online booking system.

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12. Vester

vester squarespace lifestyle template

Vester is a spectacular Squarespace lifestyle template for all the bloggers out there. If you want a no-fluff design that will put all the shine on your content, this is it. (Need more design? Don’t miss our collection of the best Squarespace blog templates.)

Vester sports a nice, four-column post grid on the home page, loading content as you scroll.

And to keep the experience as pleasant as possible, the header disappears on a down scroll, only appearing again when you decide to return. Moreover, there’s also a drop-down menu for more organized navigation.

Besides the home page, Vester includes an About page, contact details in the footer and a newsletter subscription widget.

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13. Penny

penny squarespace lifestyle template

Penny is all about minimalist, modern vibes. The hero image has cool overlaid text and social icons, making a strong first impression.

Love showing off your work? The portfolio carousel is slick for that. There’s also a video background section with a testimonial slider overlay – super engaging.

Plus, it’s got an Instagram-ready feed to keep your social game strong and an opt-in form to grow your audience.

Lastly, tons of predefined pages make setting up your site super easy and quick.

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14. Darling Designer

darling designer squarespace lifestyle template

Darling Designer is a Squarespace lifestyle template that immediately triggers interest with a big slider above the fold. Use it to promote your services, projects, blog posts, or a mix of this and that.

The header floats at the top of the screen, so menu links, social icons and a CTA button are always available.

What’s more, the content loads while scrolling, making browsing more fun.

Darling Designer also contains pricing packages, a newsletter subscription form, a brand logo slider to build authority, a contact form and an Instagram feed.

Remember, Darling Designer is also an excellent Squarespace one-page template.

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15. Olivia

olivia squarespace lifestyle template

Olivia is perfect for keeping your site clean yet informative. The header smartly disappears when you scroll down and reappears when you scroll up, keeping things practical.

You’ll see three blog posts right off the bat, making key content stand out. Below that, there’s a handy opt-in form, which you can use for a freebie.

I love the featured posts section and the IG feed, which keep your page lively. The footer is cool, with a quick menu, social links, and a subscription form.

You will also benefit from accordions, which save space while still delivering the necessary info and details.

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16. Hvar

hvar squarespace lifestyle template

Hvar’s uniqueness is the original slideshow above the fold, which immediately captures attention. By default, it’s an image-only slider, keeping things distraction-free.

The appearance is modern and chic, and there are plenty of predefined sections, elements, and internal pages for a speedy start.

Additionally, the footer is feature-packed, with social media icons, a menu, a subscription form and a section for quick business details.

Hvar is great for everyone who wants a touch of uniqueness.

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17. Champlain

champlain squarespace lifestyle template

Champlain has a fresh, light design with bold, dark sections for contrast.

The header smartly hides when you scroll down and reappears on the way up. But in addition to that, there’s a handy back-to-top button for easy navigation.

Client testimonials add credibility, and the contact form includes helpful drop-down fields to gather more information.

Champlain comes with ready-made sales and landing pages, saving you tons of setup time.

The large footer is packed with an IG feed, menu links, contact info, social buttons, and a subscription widget.

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18. Scandi

scandi squarespace lifestyle template

Scandi is an impressive Squarespace template for building an online lifestyle shop with an edge. Hence the name, Scandi is inspired by Scandinavian minimalism and cleverly transformed it into web design.

Due to the design approach, Scandi works fantastically well out of the box, easily acclimatizing to your needs and wants. But feel free to tweak and personalize it accordingly.

Some of the goodies you get are parallax scrolling, a disappearing/reappearing header, a blog, a persuasive About page, and a drop-down menu for organizing product categories.

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19. Daye

daye squarespace fashion template

Daye is a Squarespace lifestyle template that stands out with its split-screen design – text and a CTA button on the left, image on the right.

The transparent header keeps it looking clean with menu links, social media and shopping cart icons.

Accordions help you add more info without cluttering the page. Moreover, the big project slider with links is eye-catching, and the product carousel is perfect for showcasing the latest or best-selling items.

It also features a contact form and an integrated Google Maps to easily showcase your location.

And then there are stunning portfolio layouts, making it perfect for creatives who want to show off their work in style.

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20. Uluwatu

uluwatu squarespace lifestyle template

Uluwatu is perfect for lifestyle photographers, starting with a transparent header that solidifies and sticks as you scroll.

The full-screen image slider above the fold is attractive, creating an immersive first impression.

There’s a massive subscription section to grow your audience – start collecting emails as early as possible for strategic marketing campaigns in the future.

The clean footer has handy social media links, while the portfolio comes with a lightbox gallery, making your photos pop. Plus, it has eCommerce and blog sections and various extra page templates, saving you tons of time.

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How To Make A Lifestyle Website With Squarespace

Setting a lifestyle blog or website up is very simple; here’s how:

  • Sign up or log in: Head over to Squarespace.com and sign up for a new account, or log in if you already have one. Choose the plan that best fits your needs.
  • Choose a template: Browse through the above lifestyle templates and pick one that matches the vibe of your site. (Remember, you can always alter the default look if it doesn’t match your style 100% by default.)
  • Customize your template: Click on “Design” and then “Site Styles” to start customizing your template. Here you can adjust fonts, colors, and layout to make it your own. Don’t forget to add your logo and images.
  • Add content: Go to the “Pages” section to start adding content. Create pages like “Home,” “About,” “Blog,” “Contact,” and any other pages you want. Use the editor to add text, images, and videos to your pages.
  • Set up your blog: If you’re planning to blog, click on “Blog” from the “Pages” menu and set up your blog page. You can start writing posts, adding categories, and customizing the blog settings.
  • Publish your site: Once you’re happy with how everything looks, go to the “Settings” tab, scroll down to “Site Visibility,” and select “Public.” Hit the “Save” button, and your website is live.

FAQs About Squarespace Lifestyle Templates

Can I switch templates on Squarespace if I don’t like my initial choice?

Yes. You can switch templates anytime. Just remember, you might need to tweak your content a bit to fit the new layout.

Are Squarespace templates mobile-ready?

Yes, all Squarespace templates are designed to be responsive, meaning they’ll look great on both desktops and mobile devices.

Can I customize my Squarespace template without knowing how to code?

Yes. Squarespace provides a user-friendly interface that lets you customize templates by dragging and dropping elements – no coding required.

How do I choose the best Squarespace template for a lifestyle blog?

Look for templates that highlight visuals and text equally, offer easy navigation, and have features like galleries and blog layouts to showcase your content.

Is it possible to sell products on a Squarespace lifestyle template?

Yes, many Squarespace templates support eCommerce so that you can sell products directly from your website.

How do I improve my site’s SEO with a Squarespace template?

Use Squarespace’s SEO features. Add relevant keywords to your titles, descriptions, and URLs, and make use of the built-in tools to optimize your content.

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