Can You Use Twitter In China? Yes! Here’s How.

Unfortunately, Twitter users looking to Tweet from within China will find the Twitter services banned.

Due to China’s heavy Internet censorship, the only way to access Twitter in China is to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

A VPN service works by encrypting your data and routing your traffic through a VPN server in an outside location that allows access to the website or app you are trying to reach.

Since many VPN services are blocked by China’s heavy censorship, you will have to make sure to use only one of the best VPNs that makes its mission to get past the Great Firewall of China to allow you to use the free Internet from anywhere in the world.

It is vital to be using the most effective VPN services when it comes to accessing any website from China.

Keep on reading to find out the VPN that will help you unblock Twitter in China in no time.

Is Twitter Blocked In China?

Unfortunately, Twitter is blocked in China, so attempting to use your Twitter account while on Chinese soil will only get you to an annoying error message.

China first began blocking Twitter in 2009 after Muslim activists used this social media platform, as well as Facebook, to organize riots in the Xinjiang province.

The Chinese government has since blocked this website to keep its users from spreading information that is contrary to the communist party values.

Another reason why Chinese authorities may want to block access to Twitter, and other outside social media services, is to encourage users to frequent their own platform, like Sina Weibo, which is not a great option unless you are OK with internet censorship by the authorities in China.

If you want to access Twitter (or other social media websites) despite these blocks, using a reputable China VPN will unblock Twitter in China safely and privately.

A warning, however, is that not all VPN services will be able to help you access Twitter, or other sites blocked in China. In fact, most of them won’t work at all.

Since there is a very slim chance that the Chinese government will begin to allow access to Twitter in the near future, we urge anyone who wants (needs!) to access Twitter under the radar of the Great Firewall to use a VPN service.

It is very easy to unblock Twitter from China using one of the best VPNs for China, like SwitchVPN. Just follow these steps:

  • Subscribe to a VPN that has proven to be effective in China, like SwitchVPN.
  • Download the VPN to your device and install it before you arrive in China.*
  • Log in to your VPN account.
  • Connect to a VPN server in a country that permits access to Twitter. Servers that are closest in proximity will give you the best speeds.

Access Twitter in China!

*Since China blocks access to many VPN websites entirely, you will need to make sure your VPN app is already on your device before you land on Chinese soil.

How to Access Twitter in China With SwitchVPN (Step by Step)

In order to gain access to Twitter in China using SwitchVPN — our top VPN choice for China — follow these easy steps:

  • Subscribe to SwitchVPN and download the app while you are outside China.
  • Connect to a server outside China in a country that allows access to Twitter.
  • Open Twitter and enjoy free Internet access!

SwitchVPN can be installed on your Mac, Windows, Android, or iOS devices.

When connecting to a server outside of China, this VPN service gives you a choice of more than 250 servers in over 43 world locations, but we recommend connecting to a server nearby in Japan, South Korea, Singapore, or Hong Kong, as your Internet connection will be faster with a local server connection.

If you need any troubleshooting tips or support when using SwitchVPN, you can connect to SwitchVPN’s live chat service for speedy and professional support.

You can also try out SwitchVPN for up to 30 days with a money-back guarantee, so you can test this service for yourself before committing to a long-term plan for use in China.

What Else You Can Do With A Virtual Private Network

Since Twitter is blocked in Iran, China, and North Korea, you will need to use a VPN company to help you bypass censorship to use the free Internet in these countries.

A VPN can help you bypass the Great Firewall to use Twitter in China, or anywhere in the world, but it also has other benefits.

Using a VPN, you can ensure that your online information/data is encrypted and out of reach of the authorities in China that might seek to control your activity.

This encrypted Internet connection will also help protect your data from hackers, prying eyes, or other Internet threats.

VPNs can also help you unblock geo-restricted streaming services that are only accessible in your home country simply by connecting to a server in the appropriate region.

Other Websites Blocked In China

Some of the other websites and services that are blocked from users in China are:

  • Facebook
  • Google
  • YouTube
  • Wikipedia
  • Twitch
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • News website content
  • And many more!


Is it illegal to use Twitter in China?

No. It is not illegal to use the Twitter site, but it is frowned upon.

While Twitter is blocked from access in Mainland China (as well as in North Korea and Iran), many people use VPNs in these countries to post Tweets and access other apps and sites that are blocked in China or elsewhere.

The government in China does allow VPNs if you use a government-approved company, but since these will subject you to Internet censorship, most people opt for more private VPN services, like SwitchVPN.


For accessing any blocked site content in China, a VPN connection is a must.

SwitchVPN is the top choice, offering military-grade encryption to protect your Internet data and to help avoid censorship in any restrictive country.

SwitchVPN also offers users unlimited bandwidth and a strict no-logs policy, and it is a company that prides itself on staying ahead of China’s blocks, which is a rarity in the VPN market.

You can try SwitchVPN essentially for free with its 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can make sure you can access your website content before committing to a long-term plan.

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