Welcome BuddyBoss to the WPBeginner Family of Products

Today, I’m extremely excited to share that BuddyBoss is joining the Awesome Motive network, and they’re now part of the WPBeginner family of products.

BuddyBoss is an all-in-one online community platform for WordPress. You can use it to create a private community with social networking groups, forum discussions, online courses, and more.

The best part is that you can even create your own custom branded native mobile app to offer a perfect social learning experience to your users on Android and iOS devices.

BuddyBoss Joins WPBeginner Family of Products

Introduction to BuddyBoss – Quick Overview

BuddyBoss is a popular platform that lets you create your own private social network and community using WordPress. In simple words, you can build your own clone of Facebook where you have full control.

Thousands of creators, business owners, social clubs, universities, and organizations use BuddyBoss to create private communities for their audience.

BuddyBoss platform has two components: BuddyBoss Web and BuddyBoss App.

BuddyBoss Web

BuddyBoss Web platform is a WordPress plugin + theme that gives you everything you need to successfully build and manage online communities using WordPress. It comes with all the important features you would expect including User Profiles, Activity Feeds, Groups, Forum Discussions, Member Connections, Direct Messages, Events, and more.

BuddyBoss Web Community Platform OverviewBuddyBoss Web Community Platform Overview

There is also seamless integration with membership and e-learning tools like MemberPress and LearnDash, so you can deliver a superior learning experience for your community or students.

This is why popular universities like Stanford, MIT, Yale, as well as top creators like Chalene Johnson, Jay Shetty, Nathan Chan, and many more use BuddyBoss as their preferred social learning platform.

BuddyBoss student dashboard view for courses and social learningBuddyBoss student dashboard view for courses and social learning

BuddyBoss also has integrations with WooCommerce for eCommerce capabilities, Zoom for broadcasting and meetings, page builders like Elementor for customization, and literally thousands of other integrations to help streamline your workflow as you run your online community.

BuddyBoss integrate live video streamingBuddyBoss integrate live video streaming

BuddyBoss App

BuddyBoss App platform enables you to create your own custom native Android and iOS apps for your community websites. It’s fully white-labeled meaning the app matches your brand. 

It has all the features like real-time activity feeds, user profiles, groups, and push notifications, all designed to keep members engaged and connected on the go. You can even accept payments and add in-app purchases to grow your sales.

BuddyBoss Custom Mobile App Platform OverviewBuddyBoss Custom Mobile App Platform Overview

The best part about BuddyBoss App platform is that it makes creating your own mobile app both easy and affordable. You can do it without any coding knowledge right from inside your WordPress dashboard.

You can customize your app layout, choose your branding, upload your content, and even keep it in sync with your BuddyBoss web platform / courses.

BuddyBoss Mobile App Customizer inside WordPressBuddyBoss Mobile App Customizer inside WordPress

You can translate your app in multiple languages, add gamification features to boost engagement, introduce micro-learning experiences, and more to tap into the $80 billion mobile learning market.

Simply put, BuddyBoss is the perfect community platform for content creators, universities, businesses, organizations & clubs, churches, and basically anyone looking to create an online community platform.

Note: our BuddyBoss team also offers a full done-for-you service as well where we’ll handle everything for you from creating your online community platform, launching your mobile app, and professional support as part of the BuddyBoss All-in-One Bundle.

Background Story – Why BuddyBoss? 

I have been following BuddyBoss for the last several years because it has been the go-to community platform for WordPress users.

Thousands of creators, business owners, universities, churches, and organizations all over the world use BuddyBoss to create their online communities and mobile apps.

Last year, I attended WordCamp Asia 2023 in Thailand where I met BuddyBoss co-founder, Tom Cheddadi. We had a great conversation about everything they were doing at BuddyBoss and how much synergies exist between our two companies since we have many mutual customers in MemberPress, Thrive Themes, WPForms, and more.

Syed Balkhi founder of WPBeginner with Tom Cheddadi co-founder of BuddyBossSyed Balkhi founder of WPBeginner with Tom Cheddadi co-founder of BuddyBoss

As I left that conversation, I remember saying to myself how amazing it would be to have BuddyBoss be part of WPBeginner family of products.

Our teams stayed in touch and fast forward a year, my dream became a reality. Tom and Michael, co-founders of BuddyBoss, were looking to move on to the next chapter of their lives, and they wanted someone reputable to carry on their legacy.

Due to our industry experience, reputation and product synergies, we were the perfect fit. I’m truly honored that Michael & Tom chose us. Read more about our investment philosophy here.

The BuddyBoss product acquisition is both a huge responsibility and a wonderful opportunity.

Online communities have always been a critical part of the web, but I believe their role is going to be more important than ever in the future.

The web is going through a massive transformation.

Large social media platforms are increasingly deprioritizing external link shares and throttling the reach of groups and pages which hurts the very creators & businesses that helped power the growth of these platforms.

On the other hand, rapid developments in A.I. models trained on stolen copyrighted content from your websites, and the recent changes in Google search algorithms continue to negatively impact content discovery for creators and business owners.

These changes are creating a new frontier where those who adopt will reap the benefits, while those who don’t will pay the ultimate price.

As a business owner, I have always believed that having control over your content and distribution is key to long-term success.

This is why I have always advocated for building an email list. 

This is why I also recommend adding push notifications to your website because it’s a reliable traffic channel that lets you connect with your users after they leave your website.

And now in light of current industry changes, I strongly believe that adding a private community with premium content and a branded mobile app is going to help make your business more resilient in the long-term.

I know several creators and business owners who are ahead of the curve and are earning six figures and even 7-figures with their private communities.

My goal with BuddyBoss is to make it EASY for anyone to create their own online community + mobile app while ensuring that you always have full control over your data, your distribution, and your business.

What’s Coming Next? 

Our work is just starting.

I met with Graham, the General Manager of BuddyBoss, at WordCamp Europe last month, and we have an exciting roadmap ahead of us – thanks to all the ideas that we have from existing BuddyBoss users.

Syed Balkhi founder of WPBeginner with Graham Hoffman general manager of BuddyBoss.Syed Balkhi founder of WPBeginner with Graham Hoffman general manager of BuddyBoss.

I have also asked Blair Williams, founder of MemberPress, to join the advisory board and help guide the vision of the product.

I’m really looking forward to working closely with the team and helping usher in a new era of online communities.

Whether you’re a business owner or creator, I highly recommend checking out BuddyBoss.

If you have suggestions on features you’d like to see, then please let us know by sending us a message via WPBeginner contact form.

As always, I want to thank you for your continued support of WPBeginner.

Every time I share an announcement like this, I realize that I’m only able to do what I love every day because of you, our amazing readers, and I’m extremely grateful for your support throughout the years.

WPBeginner and Awesome Motive would not be here without YOU, and I just want to say how much I appreciate all of you.

And I look forward to continuing serving you, and the larger WordPress / web ecosystem for years to come.

Yours Truly,

Syed BalkhiFounder of WPBeginner

P.S. If you’re a SaaS or WordPress product owner looking to raise an investment or sell your business, reach out to us through Awesome Motive M&A page.

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